One of the Most Pristine & Natural Beaches in Palawan

Activities & Tours
Kayaking Hit the high seas on our own fast and sturdy boat the ZeaStar
Stand-Up-Paddleboarding Hit the high seas on our own fast and sturdy boat the ZeaStar
 Island Hopping Tour
Island Hopping Tour Hit the high seas on our own fast and sturdy boat the ZeaStar
Snorkeling Hit the high seas on our own fast and sturdy boat the ZeaStar
Surfing Hit the high seas on our own fast and sturdy boat the ZeaStar
 Beach Camping
Beach Camping Hit the high seas on our own fast and sturdy boat the ZeaStar

Our Community 
We love our local community! We're surrounded by great people and we try to give back as much support as we receive. 
Every guest's stay at Binga Beach Resort also helps the community as we dedicate a full 3% of our profits to our local charity projects. So you get to help Binga, too! 
We focus on four areas to make the greatest impact: Youth, Health Care, the Environment, and the Binga Town. 


Youth: Basketball Team Sponsorship

We're proud sponsors of the 'Binga Beach Boys' basketball team, and they kick some serious butt! Just this past April they competed in the regional championships, placing second (it was so close..!). Led by coach Tong Tong, they’ve trained together for the past several years. We’ve been able to aid them with uniforms, equipment, and funds for their activities and travel.  Read more >>



Health Care: Monthly Care Trip

On the first Wednesday of every month we hire a large caravan bus to offer any villager who needs it a ride into the desired main city to visit specialized doctors and treatment centers. We vary the destination city and clinics based on the needs of the group. Whenever possible we assist with payments for light treatments and medications. Any donations for this initiative are sincerely appreciated. Already we have been able to completely sponsor cleft palate surgeries for several young girls and boys via the SmileTrain charity who are now facing their futures with brighter and happier smiles than ever. Read more >>


Environment: Weekly Beach Cleanup

Saturday is Sandy Day! Binga Beach (both the area of our resort and the entirety of Lumambong beach) aren’t pristine by accident! Every Saturday we hire local assistance to comb the beach for any and all washed up environmentally-damaging trash and debris. Read more >>


The Binga Town: Event Sponsorships

We have become regular sponsors of major celebrations and events in the town, contributing to the yearly festival, for example, and each of its events such as the beauty pageant, boxing match, talent show and more.  Read more >>



Lets Eat!



Get ready for some taste bud explosions as Chef Andrea and Chef JoJo treat you to seafood fresh off our own boat, fresh baked pizzas from the oven, and more. 
Then Let Capt. Dave's signature cocktails wash over you like a new moon tide! 

Right in the Zone! 
Our location looks and feels remote, but we're actually halfway right in the middle between Port Barton and El Lido. Just 45 minutes from San Vicente's new airport, we're easy to get to by land, air and sea. We provide airport pickups, boat tour arrivals and more.3

Our Story... 
Legend has it that a small group of guys got together to make their lifelong dream come true — an idyllic place by the beach they can call home. They searched far and wide and found the perfect spot at Lumambong beach in Barangay Binga, Palawan - far, far away from the masses but close to all the most beautiful sites and adventures Palawan has to offer. 
They built Binga Beach to be a perfect home and playground for their families and friends to enjoy adventures out on the sea or exploring on the mountain, and nights relaxing by the fire with a drink in their hand. 
They share this gorgeous place with you, so that all these glorious moments can be yours, as well. 
Welcome to our home at Binga Beach! 

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